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International Physician Jobs

Traveling the globe seems to be a luxurious dream that most of us will never achieve. However, for the physician looking for an exotic change of scenery, international employment seems more achievable than ever. A poor economy and lack of jobs have driven many professionals to begin searching for job openings in other countries. An […]

Locum Tenens vs Permanent

Now, that you have either finished residency or are ready for a change…which position will be better for you?  A locum tenens job or a permanent position? I will randomly list some pros and cons of each. Locum Tenens *let’s you explore different types of practices before you settle on one job *allows you to […]

Locum Tenens Contract: Things You Must Consider for a Locum Tenens Position

Things You Must Consider for a Locum Tenens Contract: –    Review contract –    Make sure contract clearly addresses payment terms, coverage of expenses, appropriate lodging, and malpractice insurance –    “Out clause” should be offered –    Give MD time to accomplish personal goals –    Negotiate changes to the contract that the company offers you –    Do […]

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