International Physician Jobs

Traveling the globe seems to be a luxurious dream that most of us will never
achieve. However, for the physician looking for an exotic change of scenery,
international employment seems more achievable than ever. A poor economy and
lack of jobs have driven many professionals to begin searching for job openings
in other countries. An international physician job could be the ticket to global

Physicians who work internationally are privy to a first class immersion in the
culture of the chosen country. Working hand in hand with local residents, the
physician will learn alternative methods of delivering care. Additionally, many
foreign institutions are structured much differently than those you may be used
to. International physician jobs can be a unique, exciting and enriching experience.

The process of obtaining employment internationally can be rather complicated.
It is typically advised to consult a recruiter or agency that specializes in
international physician jobs. Do your research carefully and consider the reviews, references
and reputation of an agency or recruiter. A proper intermediary will be able to
consult you through the process of credentialing, medical registration and immigration,
as well as arrange your flights for interviews and assist you in getting started in
your new country. Many agencies offer available positions for both permanent
placement and locum tenens.

If you already have a specific location in mind, and wish to remain stationary,
then permanent placement international employment is probably the best choice.
However, if you are unsure or don’t want to make a permanent commitment, then
you may want to consider international locum tenens. When dealing with an
international employment agency, you could choose to arrange multiple locum
tenens to travel all over the world. What an exciting adventure!  You could work
6 months in Australia, 12 months in Dubai, and then 8 months in New Zealand or the
Caribbean. The possibilities truly are endless.

If you choose to search on your own, without the aid of an agency, it is
recommended that you begin your search directly at the source. The employing
institution can provide you with the requirements you will need to meet to be
considered for employment, and inform you of whether or not they are willing to
accept international applicants. Licensing standards vary by country, and should
be considered on a case-by-case basis. It is important to practice due diligence
while preparing for departure from your home country. Additionally, it is best to
consult customs in the country to which you plan to move for information regarding a
work visa or immigration.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent change, or just a change of pace,
international physician jobs can provide you with an enriching and exciting
experience. If you have been having difficulty finding a job in the recent
economy, employment in your specialty may be in higher demand in other parts of the
world. Just remember to do your research, and find the right help. It can be a
complicated process, with a very worthwhile reward.


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