Locum Tenens vs Permanent

Now, that you have either finished residency or are ready for a change…which position will be better for you?  A locum tenens job or a permanent position?

I will randomly list some pros and cons of each.

Locum Tenens

*let’s you explore different types of practices before you settle on one job

*allows you to travel

*not committed to one contract

*travel and lodging provided

*no benefits (health insurance, retirement, etc)

*will need to pay tax quarterly and up to over 40% and this will not be taken out automatically

*no security/stability if you plan to settle down

*great salary


*secure/stable with long contracts

*will not allow for travel to different places and proctices

*benefits and retirement included

*less salary

*will need to provide living and travel expenses

*tax taken out automatically

These are the basic differences and you will need to decide based on what you desire out of the position.   Each type of position does have it’s advantages and disadvantages.  If you are in a position to travel and try out different practices, I suggest locum tenens.  If you are ready to settle in one place, a permanent position may be right for you.  Ultimately, as long as you are happy it doesn’t matter what you choose….a locum tenens position or a permanent position.

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