How to Recruit Physicians and Other Healthcare Providers Effectively

How do you effectively recruit a physician or other healthcare provider? I will lay out some tips to recruit any physician or other healthcare provider.

1. Subscribe to a database of current candidates actively looking for jobs.

2. Once you obtain CVs that match jobs you are hoping to fill, contact these healthcare providers.

3. Then, get specific details on what each provider wants…outpatient vs. inpatient, call or no call, benefits and salary requirements, geographic preference, spouse’s career (you may have a couple who are both looking for jobs), etc.

4. It’s like any business…offer a product (a job in this case) to an audience looking for it. The more targeted the better. Don’t offer an inpatient job in Montana to a physician that asked to be in TX as an outpatient physician. This happens all the time. I just received an email today for family practice jobs in Vancouver that pay 300K. Sounds nice, but I am not a family practitioner and never wanted to be in Canada!

5. Build a blog and post relevant content (eg., what is Locum Tenens?) that draws the reader in and keeps them coming back for more. Give visitors the option to subscribe to your list or newsletter. This way you can keep in touch with them and contact them at the same time they may be searching for a job. Imagine mailing out one job to 1000s of physicians on your mailing list.

6. Start an affiliate program. I see a lot of recruiting companies offer rewards ($1000) for referrals, but no true way to track these. I would suggest setting up an affiliate program where you pay for leads (let’s say $5) and then more if they convert and get placed. You can track who sends you that referral thru an affiliate link and pay out on a weekly or monthly basis. All major companies like Amazon and WalMart have affiliate programs. It would be best to hire a computer programmer for this.

7. Stay in contact with any physician/healthcare provider even if their contract is over with your company. You never know when they might need another job or what contacts they may have.

8. Use social media, namely LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to spread the word about jobs virally. It’s a must these days to use social media.

9. Use Google Places to advertise locally. The key is to use the keywords in the title and description, eg. “houston radiology jobs”.

10. Use Craigslist to post local jobs under “medical/health” or “biotech/science”.

Hope you can use at least one of these tips to enhance your business.

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Finding Jobs for Doctors Worldwide

Jobs for Doctors

Doctors are always in need and this can create some great competition for them in the employment field. For any experienced physician looking for jobs for doctors they can almost have their pick of location and pay. This is very true when looking for jobs for doctors worldwide.

Many countries have a shortage of doctors and are always placing ‘jobs for doctors’ advertisements. These ads can attract many skilled doctors from all countries and walks of life. One country in particular that requires more doctors is Australia.

The main reason for this is that Australia has a large public health care system along with many private clinics and institutions. The demand of jobs for doctors is huge and this allows doctors to have their pick of available positions.

Any experienced doctor can apply to work in Australia or any other country. They just have to get all the required visas and work permits first. To get help with this aspect it is advisable to seek jobs for doctors through a reputable agency. They have the knowledge to take care of all entry requirements into any country.

Many other countries are also in need of doctors and this includes Canada, South Africa and the U.K. For a doctor who wishes to see the world and travel, working in any of these countries is a great opportunity. They get to live and work in a different location and can feel satisfaction in knowing that they are helping fill a local shortage.

Some jobs for doctors become available due to a natural disaster. Then the area suddenly requires extra staff for a temporary period. Going in to help a devastated area is a wonderful way to help out. In these circumstances you are taking the job because you want to give your medical experience to those who are in dire need of medical attention.

There are many agencies and job listings for jobs for doctors. To find the best one for you to use think about where you want to work first. Then once you have chosen your location think about your field of practice. Do you want to stay in your current field or maybe you are looking for a new job to learn new skills.

Once you have made these decisions then look for an agency that specializes in the type of job you are looking for. This way they are more likely to have the best paying jobs available. They will have good contacts in each particular state or country and will have the better jobs as their listings.

Make sure you register with the agency and provide them with an up to date copy of your resume. Ensure that your skills and current experience are at the top of your resume and highlight any relevant details as required by each position.

So where ever in the world you would like to work, looking for jobs for doctors worldwide will provide you with tons of opportunity. You won’t just be travelling to a new destination you will be bringing with you a valuable service.


How to Find the Best Physician Jobs in Dubai


Physicians are in demand all over the world and right now one of the best places for physicians to work is in Dubai. This article will explain to you how you can take advantage of this and find wonderful opportunities for physician jobs in Dubai.

One good way to find physician jobs in Dubai is to use an employment agency. Now these agencies differ to a regular employment agency.  These particular agencies are specialized in hiring for the health care industry.  They have great connections with all the top medical companies in various locations throughout the world.

One of the reasons that physician jobs in Dubai is popular right now is because Dubai is a thriving area within the United Arab Emirates. Many of the healthcare companies in Dubai are expanding and are at the forefront of using leading technology and practices in the medical world.

When deciding which healthcare agency to use, ensure you use one whose recruiters have actually visited the companies in question. Then you know they are qualified to recommend these places of employment, plus they will have more insight into the local area.

Physician jobs in Dubai are plentiful and with English being used as the primary business language, there is a huge need for English speaking doctors.  Dubai is known as a luxurious destination full of exotic shopping, along with fine dining and miles of beautiful sandy beaches.

To find a current listing of physician jobs in Dubai you can do a search online. This will bring you up a list of employment agencies. From here you can search through the listings to see which type of positions are available.

From here you can contact the agency itself and ask for more information. This should give you a good insight into how knowledgeable the recruiters are.  The main reason for using a reputable agency is that they can advise you on requirements such as work visa’s, licensing details and entry regulations for each country.

Moving and working in another country is a big step and you want to get as much help as possible. Even though the company has offered you a job, you will need a place to stay, if accommodation is not included. A good employment agency can help you make the appropriate arrangements.

Plus once you have arrived at your new place of work, the recruiter will keep in touch with you to make sure all the details have gone according to plan. They will address any issues and concerns on your behalf.  A good agency will not make you feel alone in your new country.

Physician jobs in Dubai are available for all physicians with varying degrees of experience. Within this general grouping there will also be positions available in more specialized areas.

So the best way to find physician jobs in Dubai is to do a quick search on the internet and then from there target each specific employment agency. Eventually you will find one that you have confidence in and will be well on your way to working in Dubai.


Finding Doctors Jobs in Australia


Australia has always been known as the land of opportunity and they are in fact now well known for their high standards of medical care. Australia has developed into one of the leaders in technology in the medical world due to the use of doctors from around the world. Australia always has and will continue to provide doctors jobs in Australia for well qualified physicians.

Australia has a large health care structure, they currently have over 750 public hospitals with at least another 500 private health care institutions. The health care system in Australia is free to citizens and to permanent residents. All of these things combined means that there is an abundance of doctors jobs in Australia. Many of which cannot be fulfilled from inside the country, so they have no problems with hiring doctors from other countries.

There are plenty of large cities in Australia that are full of qualified doctors. There are however lots of opportunities for doctors jobs in Australia in outlying, rural areas. Some of these locations are more remote than others and this can be the reason why these positions remained unfilled.

Care in these rural areas is urgently needed and can be the perfect place to retire to. These areas can be the perfect place to get away from the bustle of city and hospital life with lots of wildlife and nature within reach. This more relaxed and laid back lifestyle can appeal to older doctors and to those who have a family, they would get more time to spend with their loved ones.

The process to find doctors jobs in Australia is fairly straightforward. Qualifications should not be an issue as long as they are recognized in Australia and work permits and visa are easy to obtain. At the moment priority is being given to those seeking medical jobs in Australia. You will find that your work visa will be processed quickly.

If you are interested in finding doctors jobs in Australia then your best bet is to go to an employment agency which specializes in overseas jobs. Preferably an agency which deals specifically in medical jobs in Australia.

The recruitment officers will have extensive knowledge of Australia and the working conditions and requirements. They can advise you on expected rates of pay and what the living standard is like compared to what you are used to. If accommodation is not provided they can help you make arrangements for temporary housing until you are more settled in.

To find out more information on what jobs are available in Australia you should check out several employment agencies as well as some forums. These forums will allow you to ask questions on all aspects of working in Australia. Here you can get information on pay rates, working conditions and which job agencies are the better ones to use.

Any good career site or forum will have access to additional resources which can help you in finding doctors jobs in Australia.


International Physician Jobs

Traveling the globe seems to be a luxurious dream that most of us will never
achieve. However, for the physician looking for an exotic change of scenery,
international employment seems more achievable than ever. A poor economy and
lack of jobs have driven many professionals to begin searching for job openings
in other countries. An international physician job could be the ticket to global

Physicians who work internationally are privy to a first class immersion in the
culture of the chosen country. Working hand in hand with local residents, the
physician will learn alternative methods of delivering care. Additionally, many
foreign institutions are structured much differently than those you may be used
to. International physician jobs can be a unique, exciting and enriching experience.

The process of obtaining employment internationally can be rather complicated.
It is typically advised to consult a recruiter or agency that specializes in
international physician jobs. Do your research carefully and consider the reviews, references
and reputation of an agency or recruiter. A proper intermediary will be able to
consult you through the process of credentialing, medical registration and immigration,
as well as arrange your flights for interviews and assist you in getting started in
your new country. Many agencies offer available positions for both permanent
placement and locum tenens.

If you already have a specific location in mind, and wish to remain stationary,
then permanent placement international employment is probably the best choice.
However, if you are unsure or don’t want to make a permanent commitment, then
you may want to consider international locum tenens. When dealing with an
international employment agency, you could choose to arrange multiple locum
tenens to travel all over the world. What an exciting adventure!  You could work
6 months in Australia, 12 months in Dubai, and then 8 months in New Zealand or the
Caribbean. The possibilities truly are endless.

If you choose to search on your own, without the aid of an agency, it is
recommended that you begin your search directly at the source. The employing
institution can provide you with the requirements you will need to meet to be
considered for employment, and inform you of whether or not they are willing to
accept international applicants. Licensing standards vary by country, and should
be considered on a case-by-case basis. It is important to practice due diligence
while preparing for departure from your home country. Additionally, it is best to
consult customs in the country to which you plan to move for information regarding a
work visa or immigration.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent change, or just a change of pace,
international physician jobs can provide you with an enriching and exciting
experience. If you have been having difficulty finding a job in the recent
economy, employment in your specialty may be in higher demand in other parts of the
world. Just remember to do your research, and find the right help. It can be a
complicated process, with a very worthwhile reward.


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