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Locum Tenens – What the Physician Should Know

Locum Tenens is a Latin phrase meaning, “to hold the place of”, but in the world of medicine the word simply means “a temporary physician”. So, what is a locum tenens company, and what do they have to offer to physician seeking temporary or seasonal work? An LT company specializes in arranging physician personnel for […]

Locum Tenens Salary

Locum Tenens Salary SPECIALTY INCOME  (per 8-hour day) CRNA                                $720 to $880 Family Practice            $400 to $450 Internal Medicine       $400 to $450 Pediatrics                       $400 to $430 OB/GYN                          $600 to $800 Hospitalist                      $520 to $760 General Surgeon          $650 to $750 Orthopedic Surgeon   $800 to $900 Neurosurgeon                $1,300 to $1,400 Anesthesiologist           $1,000 to $1,500 Psychiatrist                     $500 to $600 […]

Locum Tenens Contract: Things You Must Consider for a Locum Tenens Position

Things You Must Consider for a Locum Tenens Contract: –    Review contract –    Make sure contract clearly addresses payment terms, coverage of expenses, appropriate lodging, and malpractice insurance –    “Out clause” should be offered –    Give MD time to accomplish personal goals –    Negotiate changes to the contract that the company offers you –    Do […]

A Locum Tenens Agreement: An Example and Details Explained!

A Locum Tenens Agreement Example PHYSICIAN CONTRACT FOR LOCUM TENENS PHYSICIAN SERVICES (For services to a GOVERNMENT client) AGREEMENT made this day of  “Date” , between TOP DOCS, INC, hereinafter called “TOP DOCS” and   “First_Name”   “Last_Name” ,  “MD” ,   “Address_Line_1” ,  “Address_Line_2” ,   “City” ,  “State”    “ZIP_Code” , hereinafter called “PHYSICIAN”.  PHYSICIAN’S Social Security Number […]

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