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26 Ways for Physicians to Supplement Their Income

  Now that you finished medical school and residency, you may think to yourself “How am I going to pay back these loans, get a house, get a car, support a family?”  Unlike 20 years ago, you have many options to supplement your income.  Here are some ways for physicians to supplement their income whether they are […]

Finding Jobs for Doctors Worldwide

Jobs for Doctors

Doctors are always in need and this can create some great competition for them in the employment field. For any experienced physician looking for jobs for doctors they can almost have their pick of location and pay. This is very true when looking for jobs for doctors worldwide. Many countries have a shortage of doctors […]

Finding Employment Using Online Search Engines

What a difference a few decades makes. Over the course of the life of the Internet, many websites have come to life simply to help you find a job. The numbers of web-based companies available to do just that are countless. Many offer new employment opportunities in every imaginable industry. Thankfully, we have the magic […]

Locum Tenens vs Permanent

Now, that you have either finished residency or are ready for a change…which position will be better for you?  A locum tenens job or a permanent position? I will randomly list some pros and cons of each. Locum Tenens *let’s you explore different types of practices before you settle on one job *allows you to […]

How to Find a Physician Job: 5 Tips to Land That Perfect Job!

When you are in your last year of residency, your major focus will be how to find a physician job.  Also, there may be a variety of reasons you maybe be looking for a new job later in your career:  being closer to home, predictable hours, more salary, travel (locum tenens), etc.  Whether you are just fresh […]

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