Locum Tenens Companies – 10 Tips On How To Pick The Right One

What is locum tenens?

A person, especially a physician or cleric, who substitutes temporarily for another. These positions can be anywhere from one day to a year or more. Some places will also hire you permanently if they see that you are a good fit for their hospital or practice. More and more companies are popping up to meet the demand.

Who hires these physicians?

Locum tenens companies.

There are many companies/recruiters that will assist doctors in finding the right position. These positions can be in various fields of medicine and in many different geographical areas. For the most part, these companies will try to accommodate your needs. Below, I will outline ten tips on how to choose a great company.

1. Make sure they have many positions and geographic areas available – this makes it easier for you to find a job you will like and live somewhere that allows you to take part in your interests and hobbies, eg. if you love sailing, you would want to be near water.

2. They will cover your transportation, housing, and rental car – the top companies will take of this for you and you can ask for more flights back and forth to your hometown after a few months

3. Have competitive compensation – you must be paid what you are worth, remember whatever they don’t pay goes to the company

4. Communicate with you regularly and keep you updated during the whole process – communication is key in any company-client relationship so you feel you are the priority

5. Give you a very detailed contract before you start the position and will allow for changes as you see the need – do not start any position until all details are ironed out

6. Cater to your specific needs concerning the position and not just be trying to close the deal – ultimately you need to be happy and not just make a living – ask them what they can do for you in terms of compensation, quality of life, bonuses, holidays, etc.

7. Has a great reputation in the medical community and has years of experience

– the more experience the company has and the longer they have been around, the better your chances of landing that “perfect” job

8. Provides you with malpractice insurance – ask for a copy of the malpractice insurance

9. They make sure you have a life outside the job

10. They will be willing to work with you long term and not just for one contract – if you do well with the first job and they like you, they will definitely call you for future assignments.

There you have it. When you are trying to find the best locum tenens companies, refer to these tips and make the right choice the first time.

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